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The InvoiceMate Differentiators

The InvoiceMate Differentiators are the features that make InvoiceMate distinguished among the invoice management solutions available today. Let’s see how. 

Selecting an Invoice Automation software has always been tricky. You are required to compare multiple factors before concluding the right product to perfectly fit into your requirement. Generally, the basics of all the AP Automation software are almost the same, there are different features of different software that make them more attractive for individual requirements. Where every organization has its unique requirements, every solution also has its own set of features. To find the right solution for your particular environment and requirements you need a clever and insightful comparison of different solutions.

InvoiceMate is a versatile Invoice Automation software that caters to the requirements of diversified businesses in almost all sectors of industry. It advantages the business in multiple ways. It not only make day-to-day AP operations convenient but also reduces workload thus increasing productivity. Let’s take a closer look at the InvoiceMate differentiators that make it a wiser investment for your business.

Blockchain Security Seal

By design, blockchain-based InvoiceMate enables trust into every entry via attributes not available in standard database models—thus boosting security for data & workflow integrity.

Workflow Automation 2.0

InvoiceMate allows unlimited invoice reviewers, approvers in the configurable cross-organizational invoice approval workflow. Optimize workflow by enabling automated invoice routing, removing redundant processes & revamping or replacing inefficiencies. For automation, there’s the old way and the Mate way.

Brandable Mobile Apps

Besides web portals, InvoiceMate comes with the option of brandable mobile apps for both Vendors & AP sides. Vendors can submit & track invoices and AP can perform tasks of reviewing & approving on the go. Both apps have insightful dashboards.

AI Optimized Intelligent Invoicing

InvoiceMate has a continuously adaptive, integrated invoicing intelligence engine that acts as an assistant (not an automaton) to expose issues and processes that could use more attention. It reduces productivity-damaging errors and detects discrepancies across the entire payables cycle. It will also assist in scheduling, escalation, and AP data analysis.

Proof of Authenticity & Transparency

InvoiceMate provides transparency into the invoice processes and helps to improve key areas of the cross-organizational workflow. It easily and immediately identifies any tampering with data.

Process Integrity Proof For Compliance

InvoiceMate maintains a complete audit trail of every task, as well as the decisions and outcomes of the workflow. Simplifies and reduces the costs of compliance reporting.

No Data Redundancy & Data Silos

Unlock trapped value by using the blockchain-based platform for streamlined & integrated processes, all with controlled access to sensitive data, rather than relying on redundant, siloed systems.

Enhanced System Resilience

The blockchain-based distributed architecture of InvoiceMate is extremely resilient & would continue working if one system’s section is under breakdown, up-gradation, or maintenance.

Monitory Benefits

Delivers tangible ROI results by reducing cost per invoice. Reduced OpEx, reduced data breaches, automated reconciliation, & compliance adherence enable 90% of clients to cover their cost within 1 year of implementation.

Cross-Organizational Work Efficiency

The documents & business arrangements between several parties can execute themselves based on a predefined set of rules through smart contracts on a permissioned blockchain-based system.

Time Efficiency & Productivity

InvoiceMate enables users to concentrate on the core work issues by reducing the time that otherwise gets wasted for searching for a piece of information or getting involved in the correspondence.

Paperless Eco-Friendly Solution

InvoiceMate promotes the “Green Factor” for sustainability. Reduces overheads on paper, ink, toner, copiers, and printers. Also cuts costs of filing staff & need of large office & physical storage space.

The InvoiceMate Differentiators make it a great choice for a business struggling to expedite its invoice processing operations.

InvoiceMate is the first invoice management system on blockchain that offers unmatched efficiency, transparency and security that makes it a distinguished product in its domain. 

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