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Supply chain financing is one of the most beneficial types of financing in manufacturing and distribution businesses. Let’s take a quick look at its dynamics and benefits for businesses. 

What is Supply Chain Financing:

Supply chain financing, sometimes referred to as supplier financing or reverse factoring, is a type of financial arrangement that enhances a supply chain’s cash flow by paying suppliers ahead of schedule. The buyer, who is frequently a larger firm or corporation, the supplier, who is a smaller company that offers the buyer goods or services, and a financial institution or lender work together in this collaborative strategy.

Benefits of Supply Chain Financing:

Better Cash Flow

Enhanced Working Capital

Strong Buyer & Supplier Relationships

Lower Financing Costs

Minimized Supply Chain Risks

InvoiceMate For Supply Chain Financing:

InvoiceMate is the world’s first blockchain-powered invoice financing enabler. InvoiceMate works as a stand-alone invoice management and financing system as well as a 3rd party embedded solution into existing financing systems. 

InvoiceMate offers a comprehensive and workable solution for supply-chain financing. 

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