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Invoice Financing

Invoice financing, also known as accounts receivable financing or invoice factoring, is a financial arrangement in which a business sells its outstanding invoices or accounts receivable to a third-party financial institution or a factor at a discount in exchange for immediate cash. This provides a business with access to working capital without having to wait for customers to pay their invoices, which can improve cash flow and support various business operations.

Blockchain Powered Invoice Financing Enabler

InvoiceMate acts as a bridge between SMEs and Financing Institutions. InvoiceMate provides them with a blockchain-powered Invoice financing enabler that connects them through the Invoice Financing Platform. InvoiceMate SMEs with an Invoice Financing Marketplace where they can select the financing company that suits them. InvoiceMate provides financing institutions with a reliable and transparent risk assessment system that helps them secure their financing. InvoiceMate KYI is a blockchain and AI-powered due diligence system for de-risked invoice financing.  InvoiceMate’s Invoice Financing for Small Businesses is one of the best SME financing solutions available in the market. 

Invoice Financing can benefit your business in many ways:

  1. Improved Cash Flow:
  2. Faster Access to Funds:
  3. No Debt Incurred:
  4. Predictable Cash Flow:
  5. Flexible Financing:
  6. Access to Working Capital: 
  7. Credit Risk Mitigation: 
  8. Focus on Core Operations: 
  9. No Collateral Required: 
  10. Scalability: 

How InvoiceMate's Invoice Financing Works

InvoiceMate: An Overview

Enabling Quicker & Safer Lending for Financing Institutions with Decision Support System: 88% of banks don’t do invoice financing due to tempering, duplication & fraud issues in invoices. FIs also find SME financing not worth doing because of tedious, costly due diligence they have to perform on loan applications from SMEs. With blockchain and AI technology, InvoiceMate provides financing institutions with a reliable and transparent system to assess the risk associated with loan applications from SMEs. With this reliable & automated access to verified and accurate invoice data, financing institutions can make more informed decisions and better evaluate the creditworthiness of SMEs & their credentials for loan applications. InvoiceMate employs artificial intelligence (AI) as a verifier for all invoices input into its management system. AI algorithms analyze the data, ensuring accuracy and authenticity while detecting any potentially fraudulent activities. By automating the verification process, InvoiceMate significantly reduces the effort required by banks to manually check and validate invoices, thus saving time and resources. Decision Support System of InvoiceMate allows banks to mitigate risks effectively while providing financial services to SMEs at competitive rates.

Simplifying SME Financing with Embedded Solutions: InvoiceMate also orchestrates embedded finance solutions to simplify the loan application process for SMEs and this helps FIs acquire new segments of borrowing businesses.

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