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InvoiceMate is not just an invoicing solution, it provides a comprehensive set of platforms to meet the diverse requirements of the industry.
These platforms are designed by industry professionals to provide tailored experiences for each of the platforms. All these platforms provide robust, secure, and trustworthy end-to-end digital solutions with platform-specific features.  

These platforms include: 

  • Invoicing Platform
  • Embedded Financing Platform
  • SME Lending Platform

Invoicing Platform

InvoiceMate’s invoicing platform is a complete digital invoicing ecosystem built on the blockchain.

It not only covers the invoicing process but also includes the pre and post-invoicing phases of the invoice lifecycle.

The whole journey of the invoice from procurement to payment is stored on a reliable and efficient blockchain.



Embedded Financing Platform

InvoiceMate as an embedded financing platform provides businesses with an innovative gateway to the world of financing through their own apps and solutions. 

It allows financing features like invoice financing and BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) to be seamlessly embedded in existing applications. Your customer can enjoy these financing options without leaving your portal.   


SME Lending Platform

InvoiceMate offers a complete tech platform for banks and financing institutions to build diverse SME lending solutions. 

InvoiceMate provides the most efficient and cost-effective real-time due diligence platform enabling the trust and transparency required to work around tailored financing solutions to meet the versatile requirements of different SME models.