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Invoice Management System on Blockchain

InvoiceMate is the world’s first blockchain based invoice management system. It is the next-generation invoice management system that extends trust and efficiency at each point of invoice processing. The blockchain and AI powered system ensure transparency across the whole invoice journey from invoice creation, approval, payment, and financing. InvoiceMate brings contemporary technologies to the real world. It offers an innovative solution for the ever-challenging issue of invoice processing. Team InvoiceMate is the force that is making it possible.


InvoiceMate is led by some of the renowned blockchain and financial experts with global experience and exposure. They bring with them the experience and expertise that make InvoiceMate a pioneer in blockchain invoice processing and financing.  

Team InvoiceMate

InvoiceMate is the product of MATE AND BCP IT SOLUTIONS.

The team behind InvoiceMate is a great blend of seasoned professionals and new talent. The team consists of some of the best blockchain and financial professionals with global exposure and a clear vision. We have zealous software engineers with an urge to learn and employ the latest technologies. Our team is a diverse mix of dev and non-dev professionals with exceptional skillsets and intuition to harness technology into useful real-life solutions.

All the above factors contribute to making InvoiceMate a preferred invoice processing solution for those looking for an efficient, and reliable invoice management system.

MateSol Philosophy

Smart Solutions with Integrity & Intelligence

MateSol inspires new business models built on next-gen decentralized & intelligent networks.

Our engineers create customized information architecture that powers existing IT Infrastructure by on-boarding emerging technologies.
The confluence of AI and Blockchain creates perhaps what is the world’s most reliable technology-enabled decision-making systems that are virtually tamper-proof and provides solid insights and decisions.

Our core focus is to inspire the world with Distributed Ledger Technology and make it success use case for public & private sector enterprises.

Team Mate and BCP IT Solutions


Muhammad Salman Anjum

Usman Salahuddin

Saeed Al Hebsi

Zeeshan Abid

Rafael Schultz

Vasilisa Marinchuk

Kevin Murcko

Nahed Chbak

Zahid Mir