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Technology Features of InvoiceMate


In this article we will explain the technology features of InvoiceMate, the pioneer invoice management system on blockchain.

A fintech solution needs to be able to deliver financial results by employing the proper technologies. Innovation is the key to success in the tech business. The more user-centric features an application provides, the wider adaption it is likely to get.

InvoiceMate offers superior technological features by utilizing contemporary technologies like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing. It is developed today while keeping in mind the requirements of tomorrow. It addresses the chronicle issues that create hindrances in the way of technological adoption required to tackle the challenges of the fast-paced modern world.

Here are the major tech features that make InvoiceMate a future-ready product.

Automatic Version Control

Every invoice or workflow document is automatically version controlled to add efficiency. Users can view any version at any time with complete history.

Multi-User Document Tagging

It enables the user to tag files using different keywords and these keywords can be used to organize and search files/contents in a new tag way.

SaaS & On-Premises Offerings

Clients based on their requirements can choose between an on-premise and SaaS deployment model.

Big Data (NoSQL) Handling

Microservices-based architecture & DevOps practices enable it to be horizontally scalable. Hardware resources can be added as data requirement or operations grows.

Autofill (AI) for All Possible Fields

Add any number of ‘pre-set’ products or services with descriptions, prices, taxes, and more. When creating an invoice, simply select any of your saved items to make the process fast and easy.

QR Code Enablement

QR feature is enabled for easy, quick & secured access of files. Other advantages are to use QR Codes for document verification and tractability purpose.

Contemporary Tech Stack

Built from the ground up with contemporary open source and stable technology stack. Includes programming languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, servers, UI/UX tools.

Integration with other ERPs & Legacy Systems

Seamlessly integrate invoice management data (e.g. payment results) with legacy accounting or financial systems or with ERP that being used by organizations or external organizations for the exchange of data.

Management of User’s Storage

Admin can assign each user a certain storage capacity. Storage capacity status would be visible to the user on the dashboard.

Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Following industry-standard best practices, the system for disaster recovery. Processes are continually tested and optimized to ensure the highest level of service.

Setup & Support

Customer success staff is available to assist with an easy 1-day setup process with around the clock for consulting, configuration, training, and Assistance services to support.

That was a brief introduction to the technology features of InvoiceMate. If you need any further information or a demo of the product, you can contact us at Our team would love to provide you the assistance and support.