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InvoiceMate partners with Halliday Growth for AI Blockchain invoice financing in UAE


DUBAI: InvoiceMate and Halliday Growth enter into a partnership to bring AI & Blockchain powered invoice financing to UAE. The partnership was signed at World Token Summit 2023 held in Dubai. The partnership is ventured between InvoiceMate, the world’s first Blockchain and AI-Powered invoice financing enabler, and Halliday Growth, a UAE-based invoice financing concern.

The partnership agreement was signed by Muhammad Salman Anjum Founder & CEO of InvoiceMate and Malachi Halliday CEO of  HALLIDAY GROWTH. The partnership will bring together the tech expertise of InvoiceMate and the invoice financing experience of Halliday Growth to pave the way for quick and secure blockchain & AI-based invoice financing for businesses in UAE. 

The signing ceremony was followed by a fireside chat between the CEOs of both companies where they shared their experiences and their commitment to working for the common goal of enabling financial inclusion for MSMEs in UAE. 

The ceremony was part of two days event ” World Token Summit 2023″ by VOSTAD and Cardano Foundation held at Conrad, Dubai on 21-22 June 2023. 

About InvoiceMate

InvoiceMate is the world’s first Blockchain and AI-Powered invoice management system and invoice financing enabler. Based in Dubai, UAE, InvoiceMate is serving businesses in MENA and Pakistan since 2020. 

About Halliday Growth

HALLIDAY GROWTH is a UAE-based, non-bank trade finance provider that delivers innovative solutions to unlock working capital.