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InvoiceMate is Enabling Financial Inclusion in Pakistan

InvoiceMate for Financial Inclusion

Lahore: InvoiceMate is an enabler of financial inclusion in Pakistan. This was stated by Muhammad Salman Anjum, Chief Mate at InvoiceMate. Salman was delivering the keynote ‘InvoiceMate for Financial Inclusion’ at Future Fest 2023 here in Lahore. Salman explained to the audience how InvoiceMate would bring more and more MSMEs and informal businesses into financial inclusion by enabling access to formal financing. He presented the statistics of financial inclusion in Pakistan and the region. He elaborated on how a large portion of the population especially females don’t have any kind of access to banking and formal financing facilities. Due to this, the majority of the population is unable to contribute to the economic growth of the country. He explained InvoiceMate’s KYI (Know Your Invoice) compliance service that will ease out the due diligence of partnering financial institutions, enabling them to extend financing facilities to MSMEs. Speaking to the audience, Salman explained the usage of modern technologies like Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) that makes InvoiceMate ahead of the competition. The audience took great interest in knowing how InvoiceMate is working in line with the UNSDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) by bringing financial inclusion to more segments of the population.

The Future Fest 2023 by Ejad Labs took place in Expo Center, Lahore on 6,7, and 8 January this year. The event was attended by a large number of people from all walks of society. Tech enthusiasts from across the country and region participated in the three-day event.