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InvoiceMate Makes A Real Use Case of Blockchain - Salman Anjum

InvoiceMate Makes A Real Use Case of Blockchain

“InvoiceMate makes a real use case of blockchain,” Tells Muhammad Salman Anjum, Chief Mate of InvoiceMate. Salman was delivering the keynote “Better Invoice Management with Blockchain” at BSV Global Blockchain Convention – Dubai. Salman elaborated to the distinguished audience what makes InvoiceMate, the world’s first blockchain-powered invoice management system, different from its peers. He explained how InvoiceMate is taking advantage of contemporary technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to solve the problems faced by legacy invoice processing software and manual invoicing. 

The audience showed great interest about the product and asked multiple questions at the end of the presentation. Salman also highlighted the various deployments of InvoiceMate in different countries and business environmnets. He explained how InvoiceMate has benefited the clients in overcoming the invoicing issues. He explained the unique KYI or Know Your Invoice Feature of InvoiceMate that is making invoice verification simpler for all the concerned parties and financial institutions. This feature is greatly helping vendors to get invoice financing through credible documentation. With the help of various slides, Salman highlighted the various features and differentiators that make InvoiceMate by MateSol the best invoice management solution in the market. 

The event BSV Global Blockchain Convention took place in Grand Hyatt in Dubai from 25-27th July, 2022. The three-day convention, hosting over 2,000 in-person and virtual attendees, as well as over one hundred businesses, features a variety of speakers and panel discussions centered around the power and real-world applications of the BSV blockchain