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Benefits of Blockchain-Based Invoice Management System

Why InvoiceMate?

InvoiceMate is an end-to-end Blockchain-based Invoice Management System that enables invoice automation. It comes with function specific features that provide efficient results, all while saving money & resources.

InvoiceMate uses emerging technologies like blockchain & AI to maximize the power of data, people and processes.

InvoiceMate is a Bridge Connecting Conventional Businesses with Crypto Businesses

Pain Points of Invoice Processing

From invoice processing to approvals to payments to issue resolution to reconciliation, there are numerous operational vortexes in invoicing lifecycle.

InvoiceMate Benefits by Roles

Benefits of Blockchain Based Invoice Management System For Accounts Payable Team

Accounts Payable Team

Provides AP team with the tools they need to streamline AP process, no matter how complex it is.

Benefits of Blockchain Based Invoice Management System For Approvers


The approver view is simplified with all relevant details and documents available to make well-informed decisions.

Benefits of Blockchain Based Invoice Management System For Vendors and Partners

Vendors & Partners

Makes vendors part of automation by giving them OCR submission & trackability options.

Benefits of Blockchain Based Invoice Management System For Leadership and Controllers

Leadership & Controllers

Add scale, reliability, & best practices to your payables effort. Reduce payment compliance risk.

A Solution for All Enterprise Verticals



Insurance & Banking







InvoiceMate Typical Impact

Reduction In Payable Workload 70-80%
Faster Invoice Review & Approval Cycle 60-65%
Reduction In Payment Errors 60-70%
Reduction In Cost Per Invoice 40-50%
Achievement In Data Accuracy 95-100%
Reduction In Reconciliation Efforts 70-75%

InvoiceMate Benefits

Blockchain-based Invoice Management System

InvoiceMate is the next-gen Blockchain-based Invoice Management System that incorporates Blockchain & AI technologies. Trust and efficiency are extended at each point of invoice processing, from invoice creation, approval, payment, and financing.
InvoiceMate offers a range of benefits to businesses that transform conventional and tedious invoice processing into a convenient experience.
InvoiceMate benefits all the enterprise verticals equally. Both Public and Private sectors and organizations of all scales can achieve invoice automation economically and efficiently. 

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